August 6, 2017


          WHO AM I OUT THERE?

          To the child of nine, the future loomed
          large as life unlived, scenes through a dark glass,
          a treasure chest of the yet not done.
         Who am I out there in the misty fog?
         How will I mesh into the unseen years?
         For inspiration, I look to the skies,
         deciphered cloud formations in search of
         me: flying ace in the fluffy cabin
         of a fighter plane, an attorney in court,
         a Catholic priest in the army of Christ.
        All these aspirations from which to choose,
        all these spokes in the wheel of my future,
        each road to trod on the map of my life.
       Who am I there in the murk of tomorrow?
       Years shape to clarity a man with a pen
       with stories to tell, a scribbler of poems,
       a writer turning over sinister plots
       and humorous tales Grandpa said would make them laugh.


1 comment:

  1. I especially loved "a writer turning over sinister plots" I have a 9 year old daughter and she is very interested to see what she will be when she grows up, she has some ideas! I personally think actress in the theater because she loves being the center of attention and has no fear of getting in front of people