July 31, 2010

THE HAIKU of SAYUMI KAMAKURA: A CRITICAL STUDY  (English and Japanese Edition)  by Sayumi Kamakura

About the Author:

Sayumi Kamakura was born in Kochi Prefecture, Japan, 1953. She began composing haiku while a student at Saitama University and studied haiku under the guidance of Toshiro Nomura and Sho Hayashi. In 1988, she won the Oki Sango Prize. The lyrical style of her haiku attracted attention, and in 1998 she established the haiku magazine Ginyu with Ban’ya Natsuishi, and has been its Editor since that time.

She has attended international haiku or poetry festivals held in Japan, Slovenia, Portugal and Bulgaria. In 2001, she won the Modern Haiku Association Prize. Her published haiku collections include: Jun (Moisture, 1984), Mizu no Jujika (Water Cross, 1987), Tenmado kara (From the Skylight, 1992), Kamakura Sayumi Kushu (Haiku of Sayumi Kamakura, 1998). Hashireba haru(Run to Spring, 2001), She co-authored Gendai Haiku Panorama (1994), Gendai Haiku Handbook (1995), Gendai Haiku Shusei Zen 1 Kan (Contemporary Haiku Anthology in One Volume, 1996), etc.

She also published, in both Japanese and English, A Singing Blue: 50 Selected Haiku (2000). Her haiku has been translated into English, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Portuguese and Korean. She is a member and Treasurer of the World Haiku Association.

About the Book:

The Haiku of Sayumi Kamakura: A Critical Study is not restricted to the critical elucidation of her masterpiece A Crown of Roses; it also relates the use of the cutting word ‘kiriji’ in her numberless haiku published in her different other collections and several international literary journals. This volume rests in part on Sayumi Kamakura’s manuscript sources, and on facts collected through interviews or correspondence. But most characteristically it is an attempt at critically interpreting the vast body of Kamakura’s published haiku in her several collections, and also international literary journals and magazines In this substantial, powerfully argued convincing collection of critical views, the authors across the globe demonstrate how Sayumi Kamakura succeeds in presenting ‘distillation of a moment’ in her haiku. It is fitting that the included essays draw extensively on illustrations from her haiku. This is a distictive presentation of her haiku transcending race, creed and ideology. I hope this critical book with deft cmmentary and up-to-date information on Sayumi Kamakura’s haiku will meet the needs of all haiku lovers.

The contributing authors are Cristina Azcona, Salvatore Buttaci, Marc Carver, Magdalena Dale, Floriana Hall, Jim Kacian, Santosh Kumar, Jean LeBlanc, Maria , Vasile Moldovan, Suzie Palmer, Adam Donaldson Powell, Patricia Prime, Fran Shaw, Joseph S. Spence, Sr, Petar Tchouhov, and and Azsacra Zarathustra.

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July 15, 2010



Appalachian Uprising chronicles the May Family through a decade of hardship and humor. The author weaves together a story of their triumphs and their losses told largely through the mischievous exploits of four boys. The story is told through the voice of the youngest brother, who both admires and mimics his older siblings. The family goes through many changes, such as their hardworking mother marrying a much younger man and moving from one home to another, but the real meat of the story is the hilarious exploits of four young boys left to their own devices in an Appalachian world of hills and hollers.
From their homemade flying machine, to hairspray flamethrowers and death-defying sleigh rides, the reader is led along a humorous odyssey of growing up that makes one not only long for childhood, but sometimes makes the reader wonder how we managed to survive...


Shawn May was born and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia, and grew up in the surrounding area. He has three older brothers and a younger sister. He moved to Maryland for two decades and is now back in Morgantown, along with his wife of nineteen years Beth, his three sons, and his daughter. This book, Appalachian Uprising, was recognized in the 2009 West Virginia Writers, Inc. annual contest in both the Non-fiction and Emerging Writers categories.


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July 8, 2010


About the Book:

Freedom! Security! This serio-comic novel, set in 1959, dramatizes the conflict between two human yearnings. Walter Mott, a shy, lonesome bachelor, lives secretly in his office, in order to save money, retire early, and travel the world. But life gets complicated when he falls in love with a young coworker. Oh, and after a late-night fling with a striptease dancer, he winds up giving the crabs to hundreds of his coworkers!

About the Author:

Kal Wagenheim (born in Newark, N.J.) is a journalist (formerly with The New York Times and currently editor of Caribbean UPDATE monthly newsletter), author and translator of eight books, and ten plays and screenplays. His biography of Babe Ruth was a Playboy Book Club selection and was adapted for an NBC-TV film. His biography of Roberto Clemente, published years ago, will be reissued in 2010 in an updated edition. His plays, "Bavarian Rage," "We Beat Whitey Ford", "Wegotdates.com" and "Coffee With God" have been produced off-off-Broadway. "Coffee With God" has been published by the Dramatic Publishing Co. and is being produced at festivals and schools nationwide. His poetry and fiction have been published in the online literary magazine www.jerseyworks.com. His nonfiction articles have been published in The Nation, and The New Republic. He has also taught creative writing at Columbia University and The State Prison in Trenton NJ. Member: PEN American Center and The Dramatists Guild of America. Film producers may access his screenplays on the website www.inktip.com. Further details on website: www.kalwagenheim.

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