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May 16, 2017



  (My poem is based on a painting by Kyla @Deviantart)

This is how my critics will remember me,
the painter gone raving mad in his studio,
a scape of land or sea sadly unfinished,
a sky so morosely dark the blue dappled to gray.
These eyes once joyfully squinted out of focus
so that I might envision the sketched canvas
imbued with pigments, a painting brushed into life.
Now the eyes you see in this self-portrait
lock themselves in a black-rimmed bugging stare
that confesses lunacy. Bands and splotches of red,
blue and yellow: colors meant for saner work.
What am I thinking here? Will a caption save me?


(C) 2017 by Salvatore Buttaci 

May 12, 2017


fresh fallen snow
dot the flower heads
like white patches of stars
the yellow Chrysanthemums look
upward assembling Heaven
with myriad facets of their petals
more yellowish
than autumn leaves –
each petal a miniature sun