August 12, 2017



Before you came into my life
I lived in a dark box without windows
or doors, the four walls absent of color,
graffitied with gray monsters and demons,
battling for my mind and soul.

Neither vied for my heart, a pincushion
for life’s sharp arrows of unrequited love.
Drenched in blood and hardly beating,
it ebbed away like a river from shore,
content to die beneath a pall of sorrow.

Then you came along, an answer
to prayer, and the dark box opened it door,
windows appeared to show me the sunlight,
and the walls once ugly were now clean.
The demons and monsters all flew away.

When you came along, this heart leaped for joy.
Somehow, I knew your love would save me.
We would see flowers spring from our years
and love, this time true, would never die.
When you came along, life was worth living.


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