January 3, 2014


In Memory of Frank Buttaci
              (01/04/55 - 05/28/89)

  Salvatore Buttaci

Do not say my brother Frank has died,
That from this fleeting life he since has passed away.
Do not speak of him that way.
Do not say my brother Frank is dead,
He lost his life, he is no more.
Instead, say only this of him:
        Frank has gone to glory!
        Frank has gone to glory!

My brother did not die,
He did not pass away.
He left this life of pain
Where nothing lasts forever.
He left this earthly place
To claim everlasting space
With Jesus and the saints.
My brother Frank will never die.      
         Frank has gone to glory!
         Frank has gone to glory!

Do not remember him as you saw him last
In that sleeping pose,
His cold hands clasped in seeming prayer.
He was not there!
Nor does he sleep eternally.
His peace is not a slumber,
But rather a walk in Glory,
Living forever in the Light of Christ.
         Frank has gone to glory!
         Frank has gone to glory!

Do not be sad for him, as if in exile
He were banished from this earth.
From birth he gave glory to the Lord,
And in exchange, that glory has come back to him.
I did not lose my brother.
Through Christ’s promise, he was found.
He did not die; he did not pass away.
You ask me then what has become of him?
My young brother has gone to glory.
         He is not here.
         The Prince of Peace has brought him home to Glory!


This poem first appeared in Bereavement: A Magazine of Hope and Healing (March/April 1990), 25.

Sal Buttaci is the author of two short-short story collections published by All Things That Matter Press: Flashing My Shorts and 200 Shorts, both available at Amazon.com.

He lives in West Virginia with his loved and loving wife Sharon.


  1. Aw Sal. So touching. So beautiful I've shed a tear or so.

  2. Frank's gone now 25 years and I still miss him terribly.

  3. Very touching. A wonderful tribute.

  4. That is beautiful, Sal. What a nice way to memorialize your brother.

  5. Sal, I agree with the other commenters. Your poem is a beautiful and touching tribute to your dear brother.

  6. Thank you all so much for your comments.

  7. Salvatore, thank you for sharing you inner-most feelings and love of your brother. I personally have lost five of my siblings over the years and of course i still miss all of them. However the one I miss the most, besides my sister is the first to leave us, my brother, Walter, (we called him Junior). He went to Glory 55 years ago this March. I was 15, he was 16. Yet his memory, his face, his smile, his love, still lingers in my mind and in my heart. Your poem describes him perfectly. Perhaps your brother and mine are friends in Glory, wouldn't that be wonderful?

    Thank you and Blessings,

    1. Patricia, not only that our brothers knowing each other in the glory of God's Light, but that all of us who love the Trinity be in Heaven one day!

    2. Frankie was so very special and I am so blessed to have known him.

      A true heart of Gold, always and forever.

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  10. I loved Frankie and I pray for him and think of him often. He is very special in my heart.
    He came to me in a dream very shortly after his mortal passing
    He had his tuxedo suit on and said I am alright. Please tell them I am alright.