January 21, 2014


Hello Writer Friends,

A Word with You Press is an established publishing house always looking for a way to have fun on the internet and meet and inspire new writers.  They do this with regular contests with unusual prompts and sometime even more unusual prizes. (although their last contest prize was a straight and simple $500)

They have come up with a great contest for Valentine's Day. Jerry Rubin once wrote that the word "love" had lost all value because "Cars love Shell." Help AWWYP give the word meaning and passion once more. Write a love story between four and five hundred words, or a poem of up to 300 words, and somewhere in your story use the phrase: "but it was only a rumor." 

Prizes for the winner and runner-ups. 

It's a great chance for writer's in your group to hone their skills, write to a deadline within certain parameters, get their work published on line, and get valuable feedback not just from the editorial staff but from other writers who regularly enter their contests. And maybe even get bragging rights as a winner!

Here is a link to their current contest:

Will you help their on-line community grow by passing this email and link along to those in your own writing group?

Please do pass this on, and share it with all manner of social media.

And a happy Valentine's Day to you!

Sal Buttaci
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  1. A Word with You Press invites you to send your love flashes. Go to their link above, read the guidelines, and enter.