October 2, 2017



Months after your passing, I hid
clandestine notes under a brick
behind a statue of Jesus.
I imagined the words skipping
free, delving beneath the gravesite,
and you, dousing the crimson pyre
Of past pain with my smudging tears.

All quiet here. Peaceful reflections
flutter skyward like summer doves.
In sadder graves imps gnash their teeth
in other-worldly cacophony.
I watch the children kicking
a soccer ball across the green.
I shudder at sneakered feet
walking across my someday grave.



  1. Great job with the wordle this week Sal - and bonus points for using the phrase too :D

    I like how you've ended this .... my "someday grave" .... that is so perfect a compliment to this piece, the tone, the pain and grief, but the acceptance of loss too, as life goes one - and I really like the idea you've gone with - leaving notes under a brick .... this is very poignant and telling - sets such a particular tone. Wonderfully creative use of the challenging words! Thanks for playing :)

  2. Thank you, Pat. The Wordle is my favorite kind of prompt!

    1. It is very popular - offers all kinds of possibilities :)