April 24, 2017


They found him half-in half-out the wardrobe,
a last-ditch effort to lose himself in Narnia,
become one more character in a tall tale,
rid himself of the grip of liberosis,
banish the killing fears, the anxieties,
of life’s demands, for once dissolve an attitude
like marmalade from which too long
he could not lightly lift his feet.
In Narnia, he could spend the afternoon
waving at passersby from his stone house,
toss Narnian nougat sweets at petulant fauns.


1 comment:

  1. Very charming piece! I have to admit a fascination with wardrobes after reading the Narnia books haha

    For reference we are looking for a link to your submission as opposed to the blog itself because otherwise it can get a hard to find

    this is the link to the submission.

    mlmm (Yves)