October 10, 2010


About the Book:

When George Hammon's teenage wife dies in childbirth in 1914, he flees small-town Iowa for Europe and the horrors of the Great War. Surviving battles, homelessness, and disease, he squanders his days on women and wine, trying to forget his lost love.  But life is not idle in Iowa during his absence, and when a bitter and weary George comes home twenty-two years later, he finds a web of murder, suicide, and shocking revelations. The future of his family rests on one terrible choice...but is he prepared to make it?

Spanning the years 1893 through 2009, Hammon Falls weaves a tapestry of estrangement, loss, love, sacrifice, and redemption. 

About the Authors:

Dave Hoing has been gainfully employed at the University of Northern Iowa's Rod Library for a very long time. Although he is a member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America with numerous short story publications, Hammon Falls is his first published novel. He has two stepchildren, Jon and Jovan Hampton, and lives in Waterloo, Iowa, with his wife Joni, a dog named Tree, and a cat named Toro.

Roger Hileman is a Test Development Associate for ACT, Inc. After spending many years as a local musician and playwright, he decided to make the transition to writing fiction. Hammon Falls is his first published novel. He has three daughters, Andrea, Rachel, and Carlye, and lives in Iowa City, Iowa, with his wife Lu.

Order Hammon Falls by Dave Hoing and Roger Hileman
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Or at Amazon.UK:      http://tinyurl.com/22nrb53 

Visit Dave Hoing’s Publisher:           http://allthingsthatmatterpress.com

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