September 1, 2010


About the Author:

Dianna Doles Petry is a native West Virginian who has lived in the same general area of her birth all of her life. She feels a deep responsibility to the community and the needs of women worldwide. Her poetry often reflects her thoughts on current events such as the closing of mines and the consolidation of schools.   Dianna has been published in several magazines and on hundreds of web sites. She is also the author of "Memories," a collection of short stories and essays that reflect life in the mountains of West Virginia. Dianna is a proud member of the West Virginia Writers.

About the Book:

Echoes of a Woman's Soul
is a collection of poetry that covers virtually all aspects of being a woman. Each poem stirs a reaction in the reader and leaves the impression that he or she has just looked directly into the author's soul. Experience the journey of life through a woman's eyes as you stroll through childhood, love, heartbreak, humor, faith, loss, and the caretaking of a mother lost in the maze of Alzheimer's Disease.
Echoes is available at,, or by special order from the author if you prefer autographed copies.

Dianna Doles Petry is available for speaking engagements and personal appearances.   Phone: 304-532-4698

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