August 5, 2010


About the Book:

A derivative prequel to H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man, set in 1880s University College London, My Salieri Complex is a tale of rivalry, intrigue and intellectual infatuation. Samuel Kemp is a star medical student and the unofficial king of the science lab, respected by his schoolmates and engaged to his professor's daughter. His enviable position is threatened when a mysterious Welsh-born albino by the name Jonathan Griffin enrolls in the same physics seminar and becomes the object of everyone's fascination. Suddenly, Kemp finds himself left in the cold, alone with his growing Salieri complex. When Griffin ends up in the infirmary with symptoms of severe poisoning, Kemp is the prime suspect. What really happened behind the closed doors of the flat they shared?

About the Author:

M J Neary is an award-winning historical essayist, multilingual arts & entertainment journalist, published poet, playwright, actress, dancer and choreographer. Her historical tragicomedy Hugo in London, featuring the adventures of the French literary genius in England during the Crimean War, was produced in Greenwich in 2008. A sequel, Lady with a Lamp: an Untold Story of Florence Nightingale, premiered in New York in the fall of 2009.

As a specialist on the obscure works of Victor Hugo, she has lectured at the French Alliance. Her recently completed novel Wynfield's Kingdom, a narrative version of Hugo in London, represented by Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency, was published by Fireship Press.

In 2007 she was commissioned to collect and publish the memoirs of residents from an affluent retirement community in Stamford, CT. The project involved interviewing more than forty senior citizens over the age of ninety. A new Connecticut-based leisure publication Norwalk Beat has recently brought her on board as a contributor with a focus on the entertainment industry in Connecticut. Her poems have appeared in literary journals such as First Edition, Alimentum and The Recorder. After having a piece of short prose accepted by Bewildering Stories Magazine, she was invited to join the editorial staff.

In addition to her writing career, she has a career in the performing arts. She has starred in several independent art and horror films shot in CT and NY. In the 1990s she competed in various talent pageants in New England.

M J Neary can be reached at She loves networking with fellow writers and actors.

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