April 16, 2010

LILY'S ODYSSEY by Carol Smallwood

About the Book:

This psychological detective novel explores the once largely unacknowledged-not only soldiers get post-traumatic stress disorder: that child abuse whether it is overt or covert incest, is a time bomb. Lily's Odyssey unfolds with the inevitability, impact, and resolution of an ancient Greek play. The dialogue rings true, the journey conveyed with moods and half-tones, to portray fragmented Midwestern characters with poignancy. From child to grandmother, Lily's voyage is told with lyricism, humor, and irony through a poet's voice to distill American life in religion, marriage, and family. A contemporary odyssey without maps by a woman short listed for the 2009 Eric Hoffer Award for Best New Writing, a National Federation of State Poetry Societies Award Winner.

About the author:

Carol Smallwood has appeared in English Journal, Michigan Feminist Studies, The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine, Journal of Formal Poetry, Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, The Writer's Chronicle, The Detroit News, and anthologies. The Published Librarian: Successful Professional and Personal Writing by the American Library Association, is her 19th book. She's in Who's Who in America; in Best New Writing 2009; Eric Hoffer Award Short List.


"I first came across Carol Smallwood's work in Best New Writing 2010 and her writing immediately grabbed my interest. Smallwood's ability to effectively contrast such emotional opposites as Christmas and death makes for unique, thought provoking reading and her skill in rendering characters so lifelike that they seemed to be in the room with the reader is quite remarkable. A writer worthy of attention."
--Chris Helvey, author of Purple Adobe and Editor/Publisher of Trajectory.

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